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Mi-Plan IP Global Macro Fund

Who is the fund aimed at? The Mi-Plan IP Global Macro fund is a global multi-asset flexible fund suitable for investors: With a longer term investment horizon who are comfortable with shorter term volatility and risk associated with a fund mandated to achieve long term capital growth. As part of their long term growth assets…

Mi-Plan IP Enhanced Income Fund

Who is the fund aimed at? The Mi-Plan Enhanced Income fund is suited for investors who are: Aiming for higher returns than are available through cash or bank deposits over a 12-36 month period. Seeking actively managed exposure to the full spectrum of the fixed interest and high yielding universe of assets. Not wanting to…

Q1 2019 – Economic Commentary

With the world economy widely expected to decelerate, a growing number of central banks are delaying normalising their monetary policies. The stalled pace of policy normalisation is designed to combat advanced economies from falling into economic contraction. Indeed, liquidity was looser in the first quarter of 2019. The money supply data of significant economies such…

Q1 2018 – Economic Commentary

Global growth: recovery remains in place but slowing The dominant investment “story” since 2016 has focused on the extent of economic growth coupled with the “normalisation” of interest rates in the US and eurozone following the extraordinary stimulus measures introduced in the wake of the GFC (global financial crisis in 2008). Entering 2018, the global…

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